Arizona State Council Knights of Columbus - Fraternal Year 2018-2019

2018-2019 district deputy award application instructions

District Deputy's: 

May submit award applications for: 

         1) Council-of-the-year - Form COUNCIL-YEAR

         2) Grand-Knight-of-the-Year - Form GK-YEAR 18-19 

         3) Raul Navarrete Vocations Award - Form RAUL-NAV 18-19 



Each application has a heading, which lists: 

         1) Title of Award.

         2) The District Deputy submitting the application.

         3) The name nominee.

         4) Nominee Council Number. 

Once you have completed the heading, please DO NOT use the council name, parish name, nominee’s name, city or any wording that could identify the person, council or your location. If you do these references will be redacted (be blacked-out). This will make your document difficult to read and lessen its chances of being selected. We suggest that you write what you wish to say and then go back over your draft and remove any references in the write-up which could identify your nominee.  Liberally use the pronouns like he, him, his, them, they, or the parish, the church, or this family, they, them, or Father, the priest, etc.

Applications do not have to be typed, however please keep in mind that the applications do need to be neat, clear, concise, and readable. The best way of assuring this is if they are typed. If additional pages or attachments are provided, please make certain that they are identified as a continuation page for a particular award. 

Please keep write-ups to 500 words or less. The time frame to be considered for all Service Project awards is April 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019.

MOST IMPORTANT! THE DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF YOUR COMPLETED APPLICATIONS IS SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2019. Please plan wisely and submit your completed applications before the deadline. Application received after April 15, 2019 will not be considered. 

Please complete/ edit submissions on your computer before submitting. 

ALL Award Applications can be found on the State Website at: . Or the direct link is: We can also email you a copy in WORD or as a PDF; send an email request to

The preferred method for submitting application documents is email. Send the documents to: 

Or you may mail the complete applications to your State Awards Chairman. 

Knights of Columbus 

State Awards Chairman

14175 W Indian School Rd

Suite B4-626

Goodyear AZ 85395-8369

Thank you everyone for all that you do for the good of the order and for your cooperation.

Vivat Jesus!

Rick Garrison

State Awards Chairman


instructions and application forms

Instructions for District Deputy Awards 2018-2019 (pdf)


Council of the Year FORM COUNCIL-YEAR 2018-2019 Fillable (pdf)


Grand Knight of the Year FORM GK-YEAR 2018-2019 Fillable (pdf)


Raul Navarrete FORM RAUL-NAV 2018-2019 Fillable (pdf)