Arizona State Council Knights of Columbus - Fraternal Year 2019-2020

Upcoming Formation and Knighthood Exemplifications

To have your degree posted on the website, please e-mail the webmaster with the following information:

When - Time and date, candidates report time and degree start time

Where - Address and building where the degree will take place

Contact Information - Who should candidate or other councils contact for information, name, e-mail, and phone number

Contact MUST include the Grand Knight

2019-2020 Major Degree Schedule as of 10 July 2019 (3) (pdf)


Formation and Knighthood degrees

Fr. Joseph N. Patterson, July 21, 2019 Chandler, Council# 3121 (docx)


Admission Degrees and Spanish Degrees

All Admission Degree and Spanish Degree Information is on the Arizona State Calendar listed below.  If there are updates to that calendar, please contact State Webmaster.

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