People with intellectual disabilities(PWID) program for 2019

Brothers All,

Attached you will find all the documentation for the PWID that will be presented and given to the DDs at the State Organization Meeting. Please pass this information to your PWID chairman. If you do not have a chairman please select one as soon as possible and notify me of the chairman’s name. DD’s please distribute the PWID packets to each of your councils. If your council requires additional forms or posters let me know and I will get them to you.

Joseph Curran at


Now that we are no longer permitted to have our PWID drives at Fry’s, Safeway or Albertsons, there are no specific dates for Councils to conduct their drives. All Councils should have already secured, or be actively looking for, their own locations to conduct your PWID drive. By securing your own location, you can work out the date(s) and times with the business manager or owner to hold your drive.

Please DO NOT contact Fry's, Safeway or Albertsons.

AZ State Council KofC and Special Olympics

       Worthy Grand Knights and fellow Brother: My Name is Shawn Thomas Lynch – Knights of Columbus Arizona State Council SOA Liaison. The State Deputy Tom Kalisz has assigned me the task of setting up a statewide structure to support Special Olympics Arizona. (See List at the bottom).

     Founding members of the Special Olympics were associated with the Knights of Columbus. Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s brother, John F. Kennedy, was a Knight as was her husband, Sargent Shriver, a member of the Mater Dei Council 9774 in Rockville, Md. 

     We, the Knights of Columbus, defend the dignity of each human being at every stage of life. As Knights, one of our core values is to work to build a culture of life and a civilization of love. Respect Life is respecting ALL Life.  The Knights of Columbus believe that Special Olympics is unparalleled in participants’ ability to show the intrinsic worth and dignity of every single human being. PWID and support to Special Olympics is a Right to Life program.

     Working in conjunction with Special Olympics is one of the Supreme Council-designed “featured programs”. A Council or Assembly that raises $2,000 and contributes 200 man hours would fulfill all four requirements for the Columbian Award in the Council Activities category.

It is time that the Councils of the great state of Arizona, re-establish this support to our partner in the culture of life, Special Olympics Arizona!


The Plan    

Arizona is divided into six geographic areas under an area management system. Special Olympics Arizona has area offices in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Yuma with the headquarters office based in Phoenix. 

           •     Knights of Columbus support will emulate the same structure as SOA. We will 

have a KofC member joining each area Support Team. River area and 

Monument area will be separated into North and South zones. Each KofC Area 

Support Team member will report to the Knights of Columbus Arizona State 

Council SOA Liaison. The State SOA Liaison will report to Larry Powers, State 

Program Director, and Tom Kalisz, the State Deputy.

          •     I am asking each of the six geographic areas to assign a Brother Knight or 

Knights that will become a member of that geographic area’s “SOA Support 

Team”.  Call to protect certification is required.

          •     Example of who’s on the Area Support Team

 Four Peaks Area Leadership Team

Phoenix Suns
Chandler Police Department
Shea Homes
Fry's Food Stores
Mercy Care Plan
Quarles & Brady
Morgan Stanley

Knights of Columbus - ???????????

See attachments for the Arizona geographic areas.

Please Contact me at  I am confident that my Brother Knights will step up and support this Right to Life program. All relevant information will be posted on the AZ State Council Web-Site. 

Thank You 

Shawn Thomas Lynch – Knights of Columbus Arizona State Council SOA Liaison 

Joe Curran – Assistant Chairman- Tucson 520-331-4883

Jamie Heckerman  Chief Executive Officer SOA


Arizona Geographic Area Map (jpg)


Special Olympics Area Zone - Grand Knights and District Deputies (pdf)