Arizona State Council Knights of Columbus - Fraternal Year 2019-2020

The Knights of Columbus Nativity Coloring Book Program

As Knights, let's begin to change that by sponsoring the Religious Education program in your parish with these beautiful Knights of Columbus Nativity Coloring Books. As the children color and read, they learn the true story of Christmas directly from Scripture. When the books enter the household, the stories are then shared with the family, in return sparking the discussion and relevance of Christmas, and its true meaning. Christ has now become the focal point of Christmas. Not Santa Claus.
Help put Christ back into Christmas with our Catholic Children.

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Keep Christ in Christmas - 2019



I went to a Costco on Saturday to pick up some things and was (unfortunately) not surprised to see an aisle already filled with artificial Christmas Trees and holiday gifts.  Walmart will not be far behind.  Stores obviously focus on the commercial aspects of Christmas selling to a population that is more concerned about gifting than attending church or celebrating the birth of Christ and His subsequent impact on the world.  As the secular society has become more ‘politically correct,’ the words Christ and Christmas have been replaced by Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and Santa Claus to name a few.  Some people are even offended if they are greeted with “Merry Christmas.”  This trend shows no signs of reversing.  

Twenty-nine years ago, the Knights of Columbus partnered with a small card company in Virginia to make true Christmas cards when others like Hallmark and American Greetings thought demand would be too low for “mass” production.  As part of building the domestic church, please actively participate in Advent, Christmas, and Holy Family services and use products that evangelize the historic birth or Christ.  Your council can facilitate that process.  Attached is a list in color of products available from ‘CHRIST IS CHRISTMAS’ and includes an assortment of items in addition to the Christmas cards.  The order form shows the cost to the council for each item and the file in color shows the recommended sell price to parishioners.  The yellow form offers a special discount pre-packaged assortment if orders are placed by September 25th.  Although this program can be used as a fundraiser, it is primarily intended for evangelization by making Christian items readily available to parishioners and providing visibility for our council and its good works.

I have already received several orders from councils around Arizona.  Please consider this opportunity to affirm that Christ is more important than political correctness and help support your parish.

Vivat Jesus!

Dennis J. Schauer PGK, PFN
Chairman Keep Christ in Christmas
Arizona State Council
Phone: 480-363-8791


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