Lord, your word speaks of healing and restoration and I thank you for the miracles you still perform today.  Today I claim those promises over my beloved friends and family.  Protect them and let the healing begin today.  Amen

Prayer requests

Jerry LaCroix

Request Date: 5/23/2020

Prayer Request By: Gale Skarphol

Jerry, my brother-in-law has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and will be entering palliative care.

Ben Jimenez

Request Date 5/10/20

Prayer Request by: Bobby Nielsen

Pray for Ben's quick recovery after knee surgery.

Jim Mulligan, PGK, FDD

Request Date 4/8/20

Prayer Request by: Jerry Bianco

It is with a heavy heart I report that SK Jim Mulligan was called home on Tuesday April 6. Jim was Past Grand Knight of Blessed Sacrament Council 10050, and was a Former District Deputy. Funeral services will be planned once we are able to gather again. Please keep Jim, his wife Harriet, and the Mulligan family in your prayers. 

Theresa A Baker

Request Date: 2/8/20

Prayer Request by: Mike Baker

For our loving Mother whose time maybe near.

Kathleen Thompson

Request Date: 02/05/20

Prayer Request by: Mario Vassallo

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know of the passing of Kathleen Thompson, mother-in-law of Supreme Regional Growth Director and Utah PSD Ray Lopez. Please keep Kathleen and the Lopez family in your prayers.

Brother James Nelson

Request Date: 12/21/19

Prayer Request by:Larry Lickfelt

Brother Jim has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Repose Of The Soul Of Don Davis

Request Date: 12/13/19

Prayer Requested by: Frank Yanez, his nephew

My families in Christ it is with great sadness that I share with you that "Uncle" Don Davis passes away this afternoon around 12:30. He had been battling his second round of cancer but this time said no treatment. It was an honor to share in his journey and watch how he embraced his suffering and journey home. He had a great love for our Blessed Mother and what a day to start his next journey.

Please pray for our family, especially Steve and Nita Davis who cared for him in their home.

In Christ's love,
Frank Yanez

Ludovico Garcia

Request Date: 12/10/19

Prayer Requested by: Mario Vassallo


It is with a very heavy heart that I am letting you know of the passing of Ludovica Garcia, the mother of our dear brother SK John Garcia. Funeral Services are currently being planned. Please keep Ludovica, Brother John, and family in your prayers.

Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord. And let perpetual life shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Ann Truong Thi Xuan

Request Date: 12/6/19

Prayer Requested by: Mario Vassallo

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ann Truong Thi Xuan, mother-in-law of Brother Binh Ly, a member of Council 4584 in Sierra Vista. Ann was killed 

in a traffic accident last Sunday. May she rest in peace.

Kevin Charles Hanson

Prayer requested by: Steven Hanson 3rd Degree Member

Please pray for my youngest son Kevin.  He has made a decision for marriage to a non-Christian woman and has for most cases, turned his back upon his family at her behest(s).  My son is a loving, giving spirit that has succumbed to worldly enticements and has stepped away from God, Christ and the Holy Spirit.

My prayer request is that Christ may find a way to touch his heart and then his mind to possibly reconsider the love and grace for which our Savior is most know of. Amen

District Master Bryant Sayers

DM Bryant Sayers will be undergoing critical back surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Reposed of Soul

My Father-in Law Billy Thurman, went to the Lord last evening. He was an awesome Father-in-Law and a selfless, caring man. He will be truly missed by his loving family and friends.

Ludovica Garcia

SK John Garcia's mother, Ludovica Garcia, is having a procedure done. Please keep her in your prayers.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Maria Elena Castelo - requested by SK/GK David Castelo

Please pray for Joseph K. Harvey - requested by Mabel Lane - Pray that my brother recovers from his third bout of cancer. Amen

Please pray for Brent Carney - requested by SK Richard Alt - Dear Lord, please heal my nephew of his Lymphoma. He recently had his second round of Chemo.

Please pray for Sir Knight Richard Bravo, Fray Garces Assembly, went to his heavenly reward this week - requested by Larry Costanzo FSM

Please pray for Phyllis Ziminski - requested by SK Thomas Ziminski - Healing of my wife who has acute Leukemia. Amen

Please pray for Mike O - requested by John Heep -God Bless Brother Knight - Passed 9/27/19

Please pray for Mark Olson - requested by Tim Zimmer - Dear Lord, pray for my brother in law who is about to start with both radiation and chemo. Amen

Please pray for Todd Ponder - requested by PGK Joe Dylla - for the healing of fellow Knight of Columbus member Todd Ponder

Please pray for Darin Whiteside - requested by Joe Dylla - Pray for my friend and neighbor Darin Whiteside who has been battling various health issues over the past few years and is now battling cancer.

 requested by Bobby Nielsen - Please pray for the Leyva Family

Alyssa Salemi

My daughter Alyssa is recovering from leg surgery (amputation). She is recovering in hospital in Massachusets. Thank you.

Jerry Fredrickson

Pray for Jerry and Joan Fredrickson .

Ramon Mena and Luis Rojas

Pray out God for giving health this brothers knights for healing on cancer and heart problems.

The Robinson Family

Please pray for the Robinson family during this hard time (grandfather very sick). Focus should be on family health AND MOST IMPORTANTLY that Jesus will reignite their hearts to his will.

Reposed of the soul of Verna Post

Verna passed away October 8. She is the mother-in-law of State Deputy of Iowa Paul Lee.

Kaete McBride

For healing from Brain Cancer.

Please pray for Michael Tanori - requested by Sir Knight Esteban Tanori

Please pray for WDGK Ramir Alfaro- requested by DD Luis L. Leyva -  

Our Brother WDGK Ramiro Alfaro has battling cancer for a few years... he was render clean of it, but in a recent exam, he has been diagnose that the cancer returned now in his lungs. He has been a valiant fighter of this disease, but nevertheless, he believes in the power of pray. Let us all pray for a recovery of our brother Ramiro.

commemorative prayer log for the deceased

Commemorative Prayer Log for Deceased Brother Knights, Clergy, Family and Friends (pdf)


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