Arizona State Council Knights of Columbus - Fraternal Year 2019-2020


New Membership Growth Incentives

In July we announced a Fast Start incentive to reward Brother Knights who recruited 5 or more new members before September 30.  We are now happy to announce new incentives that will reward recruiters, grand knights, and district deputies who grow the Order this year (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019).

Please share this information with your councils as soon as possible.  It's vital that all fraternal leaders know about all incentives!


Trip to Supreme Convention

Top 10 recruiters will earn a trip to

Minneapolis - August 2019.


Grand Knights

Trip to the Birthplace of the Order

Top grand knights from each jurisdiction will be entered into a raffle

to win 1 of 5 trips to New Haven, CT.

Trip to Supreme Convention

The #1 grand knight will earn a trip to Minneapolis - August 2019.

District Deputy Award

Earn an KofC padfolio and travel tumbler by demonstrating excellent leadership and participating in training and state meetings.


Recruiter Fast Start Update

Don't forget our Fast Start Incentive rewarding any brother Knight that recruits 5 members or more between July 1 and September 30 with a $50 Knights Gear gift card.  There's only one month left and so far 21 knights have hit the target and their gear is on the way!  Look for an update on who they are and how many new members they've recruited in the next incentive update.

Fraternally, John Grogan

Sr. Director of Marketing & Membership Engagement

District Deputies

Trip to Supreme Convention

The #1 district deputy will earn a trip to Minneapolis - August 2019.

Trip to Birthplace of the Order

Top district deputies from each jurisdiction will be entered into a raffle to win 1 of 5 trips to New Haven, CT.

News Flash November 29, 2018 Supreme Training and Beyond (pdf)


News Flash November 20, 2018 New Program Manager for Faith Programs Supreme (pdf)


News Flash November 18, 2018 Seminarians Join for Free (pdf)


News Flash November 13, 2018 Star Council Winners 2017-2018 (pdf)


Military Veterans Day Sunday, November 11th, 2018 Honoring Our Veterans (pdf)


News Flash October 26, 2018 New Council Development (pdf)


News Flash October 13, 2018 IRS 990 (pdf)


News Flash for October 2, 2018 Supreme Chaplains Challenge (pdf)


News Flash for September 5, 2018 Membership Update (pdf)


News Flash for September 10, 2018 Soccer Challenge (pdf)


News Flash for September 12, 2018 Silver Rose Program (pdf)


News Flash for September 12, 2018 eMembership (pdf)


News Flash for September 13, 2018 Spanish Admission Degree (pdf)


News Flash for September 13, 2018 Fry's Store Front Usage (pdf)



Brother Officers, just a share if you haven't viewed this. At the Baltimore Convention, DD Ipo was interviewed by EWTN. This interview was broadcast on the Nightly News Aug 9, 2018

News Flash April 25, 2019 Relic Pilgrimage St Jean Vianney (pdf)


News Flash April 12, 2019 Star Council Per Capita Rebate (pdf)


News Flash April 4, 2019 Membership Tournament Challenge (pdf)


News Flash April 4, 2019 Delta Church Drive Premier Webinars (pdf)


News Flash January 18th, 2019 Special Olympics State Wide Initiative (pdf)


News Flash January 16th, 2019 Arizona 112th Annual State Convention Website May 17-18, 2019 (pdf)


News Flash January 13th, 2019 ProLife Events (pdf)


News Flash January 9th, 2019 Arizona District Master Bryant Sayers, PSD, Recipient of Environmental Merit Award Presented by Sierra Vista Environmental Affairs Commission (pdf)


News Flash December 30, 2018 What's New on the State Website (pdf)


News Flash December 27, 2018 Appointment of Associate State Chaplain for Arizona Knights of Columbus (pdf)


News Flash December 4, 2018 Hispanic Prolife Leadership (pdf)


News Flash December 3, 2018 Address to District Deputies at Mid-Year Meeting presented by Fr. Robert Neske (pdf)


assembly 1673 - installation of officers october 25, 2018


Assembly 1673 held their  4th Degree Installation of Dinner at the Corte Bella Country Club in Sun City, West, AZ.  There were 50 Knights of Columbus, their wives and guests.

The celebrant for our Mass was Father Henry Dahl, Faithful Friar of Assembly 1673, assisted by another Knights of Columbus Ron Rinder (Altar Server) also Financial Secretary for Council 11809.

Presentation of Colors was by Assembly 1673 Color Guard.  Color Corp Commander Henry Bianco was assisted by SK's Gene Comstock, John Mahoney, and Jim Cavalier.

SK Joseph Shanks was the Master of Ceremonies.  Arizona District Master SK Bryant Sayers , assisted by District Marshall SK Michael Paz presided over the Installation.

The highlight of the nights festivities was the announcement of the Knight of the Year for Assembly 1673.  The honor went to SK Larry Loseke, who also has been a Knight of Columbus for 50 years. He received the certificate from Past Faithful Navigator Richard McManus. Congratulations SK Larry Loseke, well deserved.

The installed Faithful Officers for Assembly 1673 were:

Faithful Navigator               SK James A. Gnotta

Faithful Captain                    SK Joseph W. Shanks

Faithful Pilot                           SK Paul M. White

Faithful Scribe                       SK Thomas. A. Kammeier

Faithful Purser                      SK Martin Bartel

Faithful Comptroller         SK Gene W. Comstock

Faithful Admiral                   SK Richard F. McManus

Faithful Inner Sentinel     SK Henry J. Bianco

Faithtful Outer Sentinel SK Kenneth J. Heuman

Father Henry J. Dahl, Faithful Friar

Deacon Stan Giza, Spiritual Advisor

Faithful Trustees:

One Year          SK Fred C. Brown

Two Year          SK Larry L. Loeske

Three Year      SK Mike R. Armstrong

Fourth Degree Callouts

Files coming soon.