2019-2020 State Recruiting incentives

2019-2020 Combined Incentives (pdf)



Worthy District Deputies Grand Knights, and Brothers All,

Click below to get the "Delta Church Drive Implementation Guide" 

District Deputies, we need you to contact each of your Grand Knights to make sure they have this information, and Grand Knights, we need you to get your council motivated and working on winning this Membership Tournament Challenge! Associate Membership Chairman Bobby Nielsen will be running this contest in Arizona.  Contact him at membership@kofc-az.org  if you have any questions or need assistance. We will send updates at the end of each challenge round. 

Good luck Gentlemen. Let’s win this challenge!


 Just a reminder that the Delta Church Drive Training is still happening in our Region. To attend the meeting just click on the link in the graphic below.  This meeting is well worth your time.

Arizona Knights of Columbus Membership Recruiting Teams

Arizona Membership Teams 2019-2020 (pdf)


Twenty-Five Things You Didn't Know About The Knights Of Columbus

25 Things About the Knights of Columbus (pdf)